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Gemstone Meanings and Healing Properties

Agate: The "Firestone", so called because it builds a sense of courage and fortitude, helping you to discover truth. It is a powerful healing stone assisting the colon, circulatory and lymphatic system. Stability.

Amazonite: The "Thinker". This feldspar mineral soothes the nervous system, while giving strength to the heart and the body. Makes you feel good, uplifted, creative and gives perspective to your more harmful traits and let go of them. Improves self worth.

Amber: The "Mindful One", so called because it not only remembers the past centuries, but also helps with simple absent-mindedness and eases depression. This is the fossilized resin of ancient trees. Has a good influence on the endocrine system, spleen and heart.

Amethyst: The "Elevator". Strengthens the endocrinal and immune systems. Very powerful aid to spiritual enhancement. Cuts through illusion. Place this on your stomach or liver when you have stomach problems.

Aragonite: Helps define thoughts and emotions; helps clear the senses.

Aventurine: The "Deliverer", stimulates muscle tissue while strengthening the blood. This is very much a brain stone, purifying mental, emotional bodies. Green: Prosperity. Blue: Circulation. You may also use this to help clear congestion.

Bloodstone: As its name suggests, this variety of Chalcedony is good for the blood. By toughening and oxygenating the bloodstream it enhances physical and mental vitality. The heart, spleen, bone marrow and iron deficiencies are all assisted. Reduces stress.

Carnelian: The "Friendly One", is a highly evolved healer, aiding kidneys, lungs, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, aids tissue regeneration while vitalizing the blood. Energizing. A good Balancer, it connects you with your inner self.

Chrysoprase: This "Joy Stone", helps ease sexual frustrations and depressions by balancing and enhancing personal insight.

Citrine: The "Cuddle Quartz" is good for kidneys, colon, liver, gallbladder, digestive organs, heart, and tissue regeneration. Prevents self-destructive tendencies by assisting your self-esteem, giving cheer, light-heartedness, hope, warmth and energy.  Uplifting.

Coral: Emotional Foundation. Coral protects and strengthens.

Fluorite: The "Gatherer" is a variable colored stone. A powerful healer, it gathers and absorbs vital nutrients, strengthens the teeth and bones and is beneficial for blood vessels and spleen. Helps one get out of ruts. Green: Hormone Balance. This stone has been helpful with hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause. Purple/Pink: Change. Helps one get out of ruts.

Garnet: The "Day Dreamer" stone regenerates body systems, where it is also a good purifier. It is also strongly associated with the balancing of the sex drive and emotional disharmony, bringing love, compassion and an enhanced imagination. Crystallizes in many forms and colors, though the most common colors are raspberry through scarlet. Garnet is considered a stone of good health and of commitment.

Goldstone: This "Regal mineral" is more precious than normally understood. It strengthens the nervous system, purifies, and bringing tissue regeneration. A powerful mind balancer, allows you to accept love, opens your mind, aids personal illumination.

Hematite: “The Stress Reliever” It will bring about beneficial oxygenation of the blood stream and energize spleen, strengthen the body, helping you cope with stress.

Howlite: Aids in breathing.

Jade: The "Virtuous One", its subtle and smooth vibration strengthens the heart, kidneys, immune system, cleans the blood and increases longevity and fertility. Aiding eye disorders, this stone is believed to be an emotional balancer, with particular strength in feminine problems. Radiating divine unconditional love, it fosters courage, justice, clarity, modesty, wisdom and nurturing. Use it to reduce tension in your life. The ancient Chinese believed this stone brings wisdom and prosperity.

Jasper: The "Talisman“, A powerful healer in itself, being efficacious to the liver, gallbladder and bladder, but it is also a multi-purpose salve to the whole body.       Gives a sense of balance to the spirit and grounds you physically and emotionally. Helps control one’s intense passionate nature.

Lapis Lazuli: The beautiful star-flecked blue of the "Night Stone" is good for the nocturnal. While strengthening the thyroid and skeletal system it brings vitality and general relaxation to the mind and body.  Promotes self-importance and confidence.

Leopard Skin Jasper: Brings what one needs. Note that it doesn't necessarily bring in what you want. However, it is a wonderfully supporting stone.

Mahogany Obsidian: Decision making. Helpful in healing gums.

Malachite: Aids the functions of the pancreas and spleen, tissue regeneration, circulatory system and assists in a good night's sleep. Brings harmony.

Moonstone: A very feminine stone, bringing ease to period pains and kindred disorders, but on a much more fruitful scale with its emphasis on fertility and child bearing. A good emotional balancer, it has been described as the "Mother Earth" stone. A good solid friend inspiring flexibility, nurturing and wisdom while keeping the emotions in balance.  It was once used to protect against the perils of travel.

Moss Agate: Get in touch with nature. Plant knowledge.

Mother of Pearl: Protection; Know mother's love. This stone is a great protective stone.

Obsidian: "Black Velvet", its subtle male energies attract the spiritual adventures, good for "girding the loins" by beneficially influencing the stomach and the intestines, it keeps energy well grounded, clears subconscious blocks and brings an experience and understanding of silence, detachment, wisdom and love. Grounding stone. Gaze into it for (1-5 minutes each day for 3 days when you need insight into a problem.

Onyx: Good for balancing male and female polarities. Strengthens bone marrow and relieves stress by enhancing balance and self-control. Inspires serenity. Helps one to change bad habits. It will help you overcome feelings of loneliness.

Opal: The "Rainbow Stone", its iridescent flashes stimulate the pineal and pituitary glands. It aids balance, eyesight and enhances intuition but its principal benefit is to induce in you a conscious connection with your higher self-inspiring contentment.

Pearl: Enable one to accept love. See the good parts of ones self so you can love yourself and others more. Pearls signify faith, charity, and innocence.

Peridot: This is useful after energy work -- however, one needs to be certain that they are bringing in the new energy -- not the stuff they are trying to purge. Use as a tonic to strengthen and regenerate the body.

Poppy Jasper: Gain a positive outlook. You may find yourself becoming very happy when you wear this stone.

Quartz (Clear): The "All Singing, All Dancing" crystal. Good for the brain. Good for the soul. A very powerful dispeller of negativity in your own energy field and in the environs. Receives, activates, contains, amplifies, and transmits energy, a good thought provoker and a friend to meditation, inspiring communication with the higher self. Used as a tool for therapy, it is an excellent healer. Balance. It is wonderfully soothing.

Quartz (Rose): The "Love Stone" strokes the heart into forgiveness and compassion by helping you to let go stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear and jealousy by aiding spleen, kidneys and circulatory system. Eases sexual and emotional imbalances, increases fertility. It emits a calming and soothing energy, attracting love to the wearer, and removing negativity. It can also help to heal anger and help to improve self image.

Quartz (Rutilated): A very powerful healer, it cuts through a lot of mental and spiritual blockages. This stone can help the wearer identify and overcome addictions.

Quartz (Smoky): The "Dream Stone", is effective in releasing old negativity, grief, anger, and depression. It is sedative and a balancer of sexual energy. Enhances dreams.

Rhodochrosite: The "Brave Stone". Aids the spleen, kidneys, heart and blood circulation while enhancing memory and intellectual strength. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Helps you remember dreams if worn while sleeping.

Rhodonite: Claming the mind and reducing stress by giving confidence and self-esteem.  Helps one take the next step emotionally. Promotes positive thinking.

Ruby: The "Servant of the Servants". Traditionally this lovely red stone is used to preserve the body and improve mental health. It is an emblem of affection, passion, and power. Removing obstacles. A "Heart Stone".  It allows you to overcome fear.

Sodalite: Clarity and truth are brought by the alleviation of fear, clams and clears the mind. By strengthening the metabolism and lymphatic system it balances the mind and the body. Protects from external negative energy.

Sunstone: Enhances contemplations. You may also remember your dreams more.

Sugilite: Absorbs garbage from wearer's aura. It uplifts and gives more energy.

Tanzanite: Changes. Uplifts and opens the heart.

Tiger Eye: This stone helps identify addictions and gives power to overcome them.

Topaz: Dispels fear. Adds warmth and comfort.

Tourmaline: The "Aquarian" is a powerful healer of mental disorders it assists the troubled to find rest and to meet with changes and challenges. Green: Promotes male balance and physical healing. Pink: Promote female balance and protection.

Tree Agate: Introspection. See the world through a broader viewpoint.

Turquoise: The "Ecologically Friendly" stone. Helps in absorption of nutriments, strengthens entire anatomy, tissue regeneration. A protector against environmental pollutants. Enhances creative expression, peace of mind, emotional balance, communication, friendship and loyalty. Useful for grounding.

Unakite: Balances physical with emotions. Promotes growth and strength.



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