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Notes From The Ghostwriter, October City Vampire Tales

Meet Devin Marks, a struggling romance novel ghostwriter who receives a new assignment from her publisher to ghostwrite a novel based on a vampire TV show. Worried about her lack of experience in that area, her publisher enlists the help of a mysterious and dark stranger who claims to be an occult and vampire expert. When the research begins, the strangerís true face is revealed, along with a dark hidden agenda stemming from World War II. He has her deciding between the lonely world she knew and her newfound bloody legacy as a vampire hunter.

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Model Amanda Fields from Bravo TV's Project Runway wearing my signature Twisted Eternity Necklace at the Trevor Project Fundraiser, June 2007. The Trevor Project operates the nation's only 24/7 suicide and crisis prevention helpline for gay and questioning youth. Amanda is shown below with Andre' and Nick, also from Bravo TV's  Project Runway. Please visit





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