My love affair with creating began when I was a child. I used to spend every afternoon in my parent's floral and antique shop. As the only daughter of artistic parents, I was always able to see the beauty and potential in even the strangest things. On one trip to an auction with my parents, we came home with a rickshaw, a wicker coffin, a king’s sword and scepter, and a laboratory skeleton. Many days like that one fueled my imagination and eccentricity. 

In my years, I have dabbled in all types of art. Things like jewelry design, poetry, fiction, watercolor, interior design, and everything I could get my hands on. They all allow me to bring a feeling or an image to life through art that can be shared everyday with everyone around you. Art is a form of hypnosis and I am forever under its spell.

Now, I am a grown woman that does not regret the roads I have walked down or the amazing sights I have seen along the way. I have found my own extraordinary side and I hope I can help you find yours. I hope that you will find a piece of my work that will inspire you to be who you are...

Kaytee Thrun