As a child, I travelled the country with my parents. My father was a floral designer and we would attend design shows. I remember being on stage with him. While I had seen Florida beaches, Las Vegas lights, North Carolina greens, I wanted to see Europe too. When my father went there for antique buying trips, I was just too young. Now, as a grown woman, I have discovered my love for travel. I plan to see all of Europe and visit at least two countries each year. In the last year I have been to Seattle, Orlando, and France. In 2020, it will be Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Life is short. Eat the cookie.

Kaytee's Instagram Link

I plan to publish all my travel photos on Instagram. I have a lot more to add, as I am just starting. I also will add some jewelry photos in there as well for fun. Follow me to see more!

Contact: kt@kayteethrun.com